The company “Domi” GRIGORIOU BROS S.A. was founded in 1989 from Grigoriou brothers as a company of manufacture of professional equipment, in Efkarpia, Thessaloniki. The know-how that allocated and the attachment in the support of their products had as result the rapid growth of company. At the same time the needs and the requirements was growing, consequently the transport in new and modern installations was a matter of time. Henceforth the installations of company are in Nea Santa, in Kilkis.

The sectors in which it is focused are the bakeries, confectioneries, super market, butcheries and spaces of focus. However as constructional company it covers all kind of needs and particularities that can turn out in a company. This is also one of the reasons that so many years the products and services constitute essential solutions in the needs of our customers worldwide.

The economic solutions that are offered are supported completely by a line of services without charge. Including the study and the planning of each business, on the better possible classification of our equipment in space, as the installation and support of products from specialized personnel.